Bubble Waffle Catering Stand

Bubble Waffle Catering Stand

Our Mobile Bubble Waffle Stand

Loved by people of all ages, adult and children. This bubble waffle station will bring that ‘wow’ factor to your party!

Hailing from the much loved Hong Kong street food, the Bubble Waffle has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. With Bubble Waffle shops popping up all over England we decided to bring this delicious homemade dessert directly to you!

As part of Koi’s party catering offer, we bring our waffle machines and ingredients along to your venue to make fresh desserts for your guests.

They get to choose what ice cream, toppings and syrups to go into their bubble waffles.

Bubble waffles are £6 each and we require a minimum order of 25 portions to cater to your party. Contact us for available dates.

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