Collaboration with Tesco Real Food

Collaboration with Tesco Real Food

Collaboration with Tesco Real Food Magazine

For Chinese New Year 2021, Koi took part in an exciting project to highlight how Chinese people celebrate the most important occasion in the Chinese calendar. Along with 2 other UK based Chinese foodies, we shared a family recipe and stories about how we celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Dumplings Cookery Class

The recipe we chose to share is the Chinese Potsticker Dumplings with a soy and vinegar dipping sauce. Many Chinese people all over the world will make and share dumplings in many forms throughout the Chinese New Year festival. Dumplings signify ‘family togetherness’ and by eating them together you are inviting a prosperous year ahead for everyone present. Legend has it that the more dumplings you eat, the richer you become! Challenge accepted!

KoiKitchen Tesco Magazine

Our story and recipe was featured in the Tesco instore magazine, on their website and social media posts. It was a great way for Koi to share our work in promoting traditional Chinese culture and food to the wider population.

If you fancy learning to make your own dumplings from scratch, we have shared the recipe on the Tesco website or you can book onto one of our online cookery classes where Sam will teach you how to make the dumpling dough and adapt the fillings to suit our tastes.

Koi Kitchen Dumplings

Our cookery classes can be booked for a private group or you can pay for places on our public courses and join other foodies who want to improve their cookery skills and learn more traditional Chinese recipes.

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