Cooking School
Learn to cook

Learn to cook

With a wealth of experience in the catering industry and years of teaching in different community settings, Sam leads cooking classes to suit all abilities. Specialising in Southeast Asian cooking styles, you will learn about the origins of the recipes as well as the different techniques involved in their preparation. Koi promotes cooking from scratch and minimising food waste. If you have any special dietary requirements, contact us to discuss how we can adapt recipes to suit you. Most of the recipes we have devised can be adapted to gluten free and vegan diets, or a suitable alternative will be created.

Community Classes

Community Classes

Class fees include all ingredients and use of cooking equipment as required. Aprons and tea towels will be provided on the day but you are welcome to bring your own to use on the day. Keep an eye out for upcoming community classes on our social media pages.

Please mention during booking if you have any additional support needs or dietary requirements for participants. Classes are open to ages 12 upwards but under 16s would need to be accompanied by a responsible adult; in which case 2 places would need to be booked.

Private Classes

Private Classes

Private classes can be held in the comfort of your own home kitchen with a small group of friends or you can book places on one of the upcoming community based classes. Classes are casual and fun with the aim to increase your confidence and knowledge of Southeast Asian cooking.

Classes start from £200 for up to 6 people and are ideal for small celebrations, family/friends get-togethers, or one-to-one intensive learning. Not only do you gain our secret recipes, you get to enjoy all the food you cooked at the end too. Class recipes will be tailored to your preferred dishes and can be adapted to suit any dietary requirements.

Sample Class Menus

Sample Class Menus

We can tailor menus to your dietary needs or recipe preferences too

Learn to cook some of your favourite South East Asian dishes!

Asian fusion canapés and dinner party nibbles (5 hours)

  • Japanese sushi
    Handmade Maki rolls
  • Chinese dumplings
    'Potsticker' dumplings
  • Vietnamese summer rolls
    Fresh rice paper rolls
  • East Asian noodle salad
    Rice noodles and a 'secret' recipe dressing

Japanese Sushi (3 hours)

  • Sushi rice
    Preparing the rice and the seasoning
  • Maki
    Seaweed wrapped variety
  • Uramaki
    Rice on the outside
  • Temaki
    Sushi hand rolled into a cone shape

Hong Kong and Hakka traditional home cooking (5 hours)

  • Ngau lam
    Slow braised beef with mooli
  • Steamed salmon with black beans and garlic
  • Yong tofu
    Hakka style stuffed tofu with minced pork
  • Stir fried lotus root with wood ear mushrooms

Cantonese Dim Sum (4 hours)

  • Wor Tip
    Chinese pan-fried 'Potsticker' dumplings
  • Lor Mai Gai
    Steamed sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf
  • Teochow Fun Gor
    Steamed dumplings made from 'crystal dough'