Cupcakes and Cookies: Working with Migrant Women

Cupcakes and Cookies: Working with Migrant Women

When Koi was asked to run a cooking class for migrant women from Greater Manchester, we jumped at the opportunity!

Heart and Parcel bring women from migrant communities together by making dumplings and developing ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) skills. Through their shared love of cooking and learning, the women meet weekly to learn from each other, practice their conversational English language skills and boosting their confidence to better integrate within their local communities.


For this cooking class Koi were asked to teach the women basic recipes for baking cupcakes and chocolate cookies. Many of the women have young children so these recipes could be a fun activity they could do at home too. At the end of the previous teaching term, many of the women had expressed interest in learning how to bake cakes. And this of course is a speciality of Koi’s!


During the class the played some learning games around the recipes and discussed any of the unfamiliar ingredients to them. There was lots of teamwork involved and the women worked solidly for two hours to produce some delicious carrot cakes and vanilla cupcakes. Sam taught basic buttercream making and piping skills which the women practiced once their cakes had cooled down.




As well as working with Heart and Parcel, Koi also delivered a similar class for KAPLAN who host students from overseas who pay to study English in the UK. KAPLAN run a lot of social activities for the students so they can learn more about English culture and heritage. This time 12 university students from the United Arab Emirates requested a cooking class which we were able to provide using the Levenshulme Inspire Centre as a venue. Many of the women had already made cupcakes before so lots of fun was had with colourful icing and inventive decorations!



If you fancy hiring Koi to run a basic baking class or are interested in our other classes, please get in touch through our contact page.

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