Private Cooking Class

Private Cooking Class

Cookery School Gift Vouchers

It was a pleasure to go to the home of the Doyle’s for a unique cookery class experience.

Over 4 hours they cooked up a storm, making endless batches of dumplings and a huge bubbling pot of Chicken Pho.

Our cookery class gift vouchers are a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to cook and eat delicious home-cooked food. Entertaining friends and family by cooking a meal at home have become increasingly popular over expensive restaurant meals. Our gift vouchers offer the gift of an experience that your loved one will remember for years to come.

We bring all the cooking ingredients, equipment and even do the washing up whilst you enjoy your home-cooked meal with a well-deserved beverage!

The Doyle family enjoying their home-cooked dumplings with friends over a glass, or two, of wine and beer

Enquire about our cookery classes or take a look at the recipes we have to offer.

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